Jeanne Wagner

In the Body of Our Lives

“Jeanne Wagner’s poetry rides through a landscape both familiar in its humanity and astonishingly new. Her fluid syntax and inventive diction flood into hidden and unexpected fissures of experience and memory. She seems to carve out new spaces where images pour into and out of one another and where metaphors appear like undiscovered species, strange yet perfectly adapted to her world. Her imagination ranges from the cellular level to the cosmic reaches and from the Arctic to the Flamingo Motel of Berkeley. She activates
the nuances of language itself, its near-lost etymologies and inherent double entendres, to explore the dark complications of home and relationship, grief, emotional deafness, the estranging skin, sin, and redemption. These poems move and amaze and consistently enlighten.”  —Jeanne Emmons

Jeanne Wagner is the recipient of several national awards, including the MacGuffin Poet Hunt, the Ann Stanford Prize, the Briar Cliff Review Award and the 2011 Inkwell Prize, judged by Mark Doty. Her poems have appeared in Southern Poetry Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, Nimrod, Cincinnati Review and Mississippi Review, among others. She has four previous collections of poetry, including The Zen Piano Mover, winner of the 2004 Stevens Manuscript Award. She lives in Kensington, California.




Publication date: April 2, 2011

Paperback / 96 pages

ISBN: 978-0-9819816-3-5

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Jeanne’s poem, “Turning a Sentence Dark,” was the winner of Saranc Review’s first annual contest, which was judged by Aimee Nezhukumatathil.

Jeanne’s poem “Ephemeral Lakes” won the 2013 Thomas Merton Prize for Poetry of the Sacred.

Read Jeanne’s poem “My mother was like the bees” which appeared in column 366 of Ted Kooser’s American Life in Poetry.

Read the interview with Jeanne by Zara Raab, who is one of our anthology poets, in her “Writing Around the Bay” column in the November 14, 2011 San Francisco Book Review.

Read Jeanne’s poem “My Father Was a Detective,” which won the 2011 Inkwell Prize, sponsored by Manhattanville College and judged by Mark Doty. It appeared in the spring 2011 issue of Inkwell.

Read Jeanne’s poem  “Santiago Avenue,” which won second place in Smartish Pace’s 2010 Erskine J. Poetry Prize.

Jeanne received the  2009 Briar Cliff Review Award for her poem “An Advent Calendar of Rain.”

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