Diane Sher Lutovich

In the Right Season (2005)  &  What I Stole (2003)

In the Right Season

“We hardly know how we will meet our last days, but in these poems, Diane Lutovich provides as clear a model as one could hope for. ” —Margaret Kaufman, author of Snake at the Wrist

“In these poems, written during the last year and a half of her life, Diane Lutovich performs the most difficult of human tasks: balancing hope and acceptance. Without pity or despair, she looks closely at the world she loves.” —Carolyn Miller, author of After Cocteau

Diane Sher Lutovich

Diane Sher Lutovich, a writer and teacher of writing, was a native of Hibbing, Minnesota. She passed away on June 2, 2004, after having fought a long and tenacious battle with cancer.


Diane Sher Lutovich’s poetry has received several awards and has appeared in a number of reviews and anthologies. She is the author of Nobody’s Child: How Older Women Say Good-bye to Their Mothers, published by Baywood Press.


Diane Sher Lutovich In the Right Season


from In the Right Season 

Publication date: 2005

Paperback / 64 pages

ISBN: 0-9767642-0-2

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What I Stole

“With fabulous images originating from an especially sharp eye, Diane Sher Lutovich bares her longings and losses. She is frank, sensual, and wry. She goes everywhere: wilderness, museum, zoo, bar mitzvah, love bed, grave. A thief myself, I understand why she stole: her hunger and defiance.” —Phyllis Koestenbaum

Diane Sher Lutovich What I Stole


from What I Stole

Publication date: 2003

Paperback / 70 pages

ISBN: 0-9707370-5-X

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~ Winner of an American Book Award for 2004 from the Before Columbus Foundation and a finalist for the 2004 Independent Publisher Book Award.