Beverly Burch

How a Mirage Works

HowAMirageWorks cover“Over and over, the world is rendered in the most exacting of visual details. But it isn’t just the world that is scrutinized. Even individual words, like rejection, must withstand this poet’s particular gaze : … This is a fine and well-wrought collection of poems that reward with each and every reading.”—C. Dale Young, author of Torn

How A Mirage Works is marked by a subtle, free-flowing music and an almost surgical attention to sensuous, definitive detail.”—Cyrus Cassells, author of The Crossed-Out Swastika

“a powerful collection of poems…. and the poems stay alive long after they have been read. A poet’s voice as richly nuanced as hers is a rare and always welcome thing.”- Thomas Ogden, author of The Parts Left Out: A Novel




author photo-BurchBEVERLY BURCH’s  previous poetry collection, Sweet to Burn (Gival Press, 2004, won the Gival Poetry Prize and a Lambda Literary Award. Two non-fiction books on psychoanalytic theory and sexual orientation have also been published: On Intimate Terms (U. of Ill. Press) and Other Women (Columbia University Press). An Atlanta native, she’s lived most of her adult life in the Bay Area and has a psychotherapy practice in Berkeley, CA.




Read Beverly’s Poems

Read Beverly’s poems as they appear in New England Review Vol. 33, No. 1 (2012), New England ReviewVolume 27, Number 1  (2006),  DMQ Review, and Thirteen Ways.



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                                                                 Publication date: 2014

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